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It's okay to play and talk | Yasuhiro Suzuki $5.75 / month

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It's okay to play and talk!

In order to answer the voice of "Is there a score?" That everyone has requested from before, I decided to embody the idea that I was warming up.

Make a video that shows the chords and how to hold them according to the rhythm of the song, and I want everyone to become familiar with my song, and if possible, to play it together. I came up with the idea that all you have to do to get started is to prepare the image.

That's why it's a "video with a code diagram" that I hope you can enjoy without being as formal as an instructional video. Lyrics cards (with chords) and chord diagram tables are also available. Please refer to. It may be a little difficult for those who want to start playing the guitar, but I think it can be enjoyed as a live performance.

Regarding the code name, there are various ways to hold it even with the same code name. Think of it as a guide when creating chords on your guitar. Even when playing with other instruments, there are differences in interpretation, so please consider it as a guide.

We will increase the number of songs one by one. I think we can cover the live setlists of the last few years. Please look forward to it.

Yasuhiro Suzuki

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It's okay to play and talk | Yasuhiro Suzuki $5.75 / month

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